Hitting Reset

What seem to be random trips to the gulf are actually planned usages of down time. I have been making these trips with friends for a number of years now. Although I’ve kicked it a few miles down 30a, I now make the trip with the fam.

They are awesome trips opportunities to hit reset and clear the mind of clutter. Something about the crashing of waves and the sea air. The effect on a moonless night is more striking in my opinion. Not to mention the immense vastness and power of the ocean. From wave to ripple, great work is being done. It’s awesome!

Hopping a charter and trolling out to fish for “the big one” which always seems to get away, I am always as struck. Waves lapping the boat dolphins breaching, it’s awesome.

Overall, I am more than thankful to be able to share these experiences with close family and friends.

Back to the beach!

Donald E. Taylor Jr

Carly Crawford