Elevate The Athlete

Athletes, parents, and coaches need…


Guidance and resources beyond the Xs and Os of competition.

Coach DJ Taylor considers the individual’s whole life—the physical, the social, and the mental. His athletes and clients are driven by more than the numbers. His approach to training is to ELEVATE THE ATHLETE and help clients improve every day.

Coach DJ Taylor athletic training in Birmingham, Alabama


Of course, athletes and clients who work with Coach DJ Taylor want to excel physically. They want to gain strength and speed, as well as the skills necessary to perform at greater levels.

But we are whole beings. The physical, social, and mental aspects of our lives aren’t compartmentalized—they are intertwined and interconnected. That’s why Coach Taylor pushes athletes and clients to strive for holistic excellence.

Growth & Momentum

Moving forward toward your goals keeps you moving forward to your goals. That’s a simple concept, but sometimes we make everything more complicated than it needs to be. Coach DJ Taylor helps his athletes and clients to show up and do the work. If you are showing up, you are growing. If you are doing the next right thing, you will have positive momentum and see results.

Coach DJ Taylor athletic training in Birmingham

Coach DJ Taylor athletic training in Birmingham, Alabama


We are all designed to know others and be known by others. One of Coach DJ Taylor’s goals as a coach is to know the athletes, coaches, and other clients he works with. What motivates you? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your accomplishments and struggles? The more Coach Taylor knows you, the better he can coach you.

Coach Taylor also works with brands and companies that are aligned with his coaching philosophy in order to provide more value to athletes, coaches, and parents. Through these relationships, he is able to offer access to products that improve his clients’ performance and help them achieve their goals.


Sometimes it’s easy to coast in life and operate in a static mindset. But that’s no way to live. We have so many resources available that can help us learn, grow, and become more knowledgeable about ourselves. Seeking education is a better way of life. Coach Taylor learns more every day so he can offer more to his athletes, their parents, and coaches every day.

Coach Taylor is committed to studying scientific theory about athletic performance while also gleaning all of the practical knowledge he can from his personal practice and his experiences with clients. He is capable of sifting through all of the fitness fad noise and he has the wisdom to detect misinformation, poor interpretations, and ineffective and unsafe methods.

Coach DJ Taylor athletic training in Birmingham

Birmingham athletic trainer Coach DJ Taylor

Coach DJ Taylor is a born educator and strength coach. His experience as a former collegiate athlete at Carson-Newman College allows him to relate to the students he works with around the Birmingham metro area. Over his eight years of training, he has worked with everyone from professional athletes to goal-oriented adults in a boot camp setting.

He also teaches weightlifting at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Coach Dj completed his undergraduate studies in psychology and social entrepreneurship. He has since earned the National Strength and Conditioning Association - Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach certification, as well as an USA Weightlifting - Sports Performance Coach certification.