NF Sports Guide/Review

Favorite product?

My two favorite products are the hydrate (any flavor) paired with beta-alanine. I normally take it in the morning and sometimes post workout/midafternoon. The hydrate has a lite flavor and texture, really solid pre, intra, post workout hydration mix. I add beta-alanine to aid in buffering and improved muscle function. Although, I normally only add beta alanine in my morning mix to make sure intra/post workout taurine uptake is not inhibited.

What have you tried?

I have tried the entire NF Sport product line. It is awesome! The NF team has been awesome and sent our facility plenty of product to try, so our athletes and coaches have been able to utilize the products in each line as wanted/needed. The feedback has been great per product.

What do you plan on getting next?

I really enjoy the Recover and Recharge product line. Specifically, the Belgian Chocolate NutriWhey and Glutamine in the recover line. I also enjoy the WodPack in the recharge line which includes vitamins minerals and fish oils. I will bring in more of each personally.

Any complaints?

No real complaints. All of the flavor profiles and textures are solid. Above that, the products are 3rd party tested (NSF) for compliance throughout sporting organizations. The only flavor I was not a fan of was the Natural Amino Watermelon. After diluting it with more water, it was more palatable. I have gotten great feedback on all products and flavors.

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Carly Crawford