A More Holistic Approach...

When pairing exercise and nutrition, gyms are starting to take a more holistic approach. What are your thoughts on this?

I think it’s awesome. Caveat, it’s awesome when done correctly by individuals qualified to do so. I refer to the correct professional when a holistic block is outside of my scope of practice.

What does holistic mean to you in the training setting?

We have been ahead of the curve in a sense at D1. We have all of an athlete’s needs taken care of on site or via partnerships. This includes the training, orthopedic, physical therapy, recovery, nutrition, as well as mental aspects. This is the top end of holistic, the total package from head to toe. At the very least, one needs training, nutrition, recovery, and the mental.

Do you hope to see BHM gyms start to offer more?

Yes, I do. Often times more is not better, so I would say within reason. If it is outside of your professional scope, you should refer to the true professional. Do it for the betterment of your athletes, I assure you they will be grateful. 

Carly Crawford