Keys to Leg Day Recovery

Best leg day recovery tips?

After an intense leg day (high volume or high intensity), make sure you fuel your body with at the very least a balanced macro intake. It is important for some competitive athletes depending on needed turn around and/or time of season (post/pre/in-season), to increase their carb intake to help facilitate a more efficient recovery.

Rest is key! If you're breaking your body down aggressively each day you will run into issues, ranging from mild strains to server pulls/tears and even physical sickness. Periodization (programming) is key to continued gains with a reduction in injury possibility and progression plateau.

Hydration is also very important. It helps move nutrients into the body and trash out of the body. In addition, it helps keep blood cells full and vein structures ready for full flow.

Best stretches after leg day?

I am an advocate for massage when possible. It does not have to be a deep tissue just something to stimulate blood flow with an additional light stretch. Mainly, we utilize foam rollers and the TheraGun unit.

Fortunately, for D1 Birmingham Athletes, we have access to cryotherapy and NormaTec via TriOne Cryotherapy next door.

Carly Crawford