Best squat prescription?

Squat, Squat, Squat, Squat, Squat!!!!!

When prescribing squats, we need a goal! Our goal will allow us to determine the overall volume and intensity needed for success. Below are examples of basic squat templates and their corresponding goals.

“I want to get strong

AWESOME!!! Let’s do strong work!

(Back Squat/Belt Squat/Pit Shark are my personal go to tools for attacking this goal)

Acclimation - (1-2 weeks) at 5x5 close to 85% 1RM depending on training age.

Let’s get HEAVY! - (3-4 weeks) at 4-6 sets 2-5 reps 90%+ 1RM depending on training age

BUT MORE!!!! - (1-3 weeks) 3-6 sets of 1-3 reps 95%+ 1RM depending on training age

 “I want to be more explosive/powerful”

Let’s Do It!!!! BAR SPEED!!!!!!!!

(Back Squat/Front Squat will be featured)

It is imperative that the bar moves fast. If the bar slows the weight goes or the lift is complete.

Acclimation - (1-2 weeks) at 2-3 set 5 reps 75% 1RM

But Faster! - (2-4 weeks) at 3-5 sets 3-5 reps 75%- 85% 1RM

Still Faster!!! - (2-3 weeks) at 3-5 sets 85% 1RM

 “I want my butt to look like this


(The entire tool box along with most variations are game)

Acclimation - (1-2 weeks) at 1-3 sets 12+ reps light about 67% 1RM

Turn up the Volume - (2-4 weeks) at 3-6 sets 8-12 reps 67-75% 1RM (Light is a relative term)

But louder! - (2-3 Weeks) at 3-6 sets 6-8 reps (75%-85%)


Carly Crawford