RP Part 2: Mastering the Meal Prep Game

RP Part 2: Meal Prep Hacks

As I get into a rhythm with Renaissance Periodization’s meal templates and strength training programming, I am learning that preparation is the name of the game. The first two weeks have been awesome and I’ve sincerely enjoyed the process. The hardest part of shifting my diet? Getting every meal in! Unlike a lot of fad and restrictive diets, this template has been very freeing because I am able to focus on what I get to eat rather than what I don’t get to eat. This is extremely important for long term sustainability and reducing stress. The stress portion of nutrition is often overlooked, but it plays a huge role in adherence or deviance.

Honestly, I can see why so many people tap out early on - it requires intention & strategy! Whether you are doing RP with me or simply tracking your macros from week to week, I wanted to share some hacks that are helping me execute the prep and saving me time:

A Good Quality Scale

Upon talking to my Brand Specialist, Liz, about measuring my macros, she recommended the Greater Goods scale from Amazon that provides the macro nutrients (like what you would find on a food label). And it has been a Game. Changer. It provides codes for a multitude of foods that you can input as you are measuring out your meals. Comparing prep times with friends and athletes who have/do follow RP, this has been their hang up. 

Another great source to make sure you are hitting your macros is My Fitness Pal. It’s allowed me to make sure that I have my portions correct!

Take 10 Minutes & Plan It Out

I have 4 meals that I have to account for each day. This could easily become daunting throughout the week if I am flying by the seat of my pants for each meal. So, at the beginning of each week, I take ten minutes to sit down, look at my template and plan out what I want my meals to look like for the week. This includes a grocery list and a breakdown of my meals. So far I have utilized 4 different protein sources, 4 different vegetables, 2 fat choices and 2 carbohydrate choices. So far this has kept a good bit of variety and allowed for easy preparation as well. 

Within these 10 minutes of planning, also ask yourself what your plan of attack is going to be. Do you have to prep it all at once or do you want to prepare two of your proteins later in the week? From there, put it your schedule and make it a priority!

*Extra Tip: Find a rhythm that works for you! I had a great time this past prep with my daughter as she helped me measure and read the scale. Having that quality time with her was an added bonus!

Use Your Resources

Guys. We live in a day and age where technology is here to assist us. A Crock Pot or InstaPot will make your life so much easier. Throw some salsa & crockpot, go to bed and wake up to your protein prepared for you. Utilize these resources! 

Get Creative

My mind is inherently geared toward strategy, but I’ve chosen to see it as a fun game. What delicious meal can I make with my macros? Whether it’s a Thai Flatbread Pizza or Kodiak Cakes, you don’t have to feel deprived while crushing these templates! 


I know that navigating macros and measuring food can see daunting. What even is a macro? Why are they important? How do they fuel my body? 

I’ve teamed up with Dietitian Patrick McGavin, RDN, to create a podcast series that breaks down how protein, carbohydrates and fats impact your body. You can check those out HERE