Hurlburt Field Debrief

Toward the back end of 2017, I set out to start a project that will help improve the overall preparation and readiness of our Law Enforcement and Military personnel. I was fortunate to reach out through a SOT unit and connect with the crew at Hurlburt Field. It was an awesome experience! The coaches took me in as one of their own and allowed me to observe closely and work hands on. I have walked into the top collegiate weight-rooms and sat in on very intense sessions. All that to say, I have never experienced a focus, intensity and attention to detail as I did with this team.

Each day’s workout was written on the board, the coaches set the racks and equipment up for the team. As the team came in, one coach talked through the workout as another demonstrated. Much grief was given to the coach demonstrating. We all got a great laugh as one of the guys gave him hell on his form and execution. Working in an environment with all type A personalities has its challenges, lol. All joking ended as soon as the whistle blew and the clock started. They knocked out a board day similar to the Fridays we roll at D1, there’s a why behind everything we do…

As the workout was completed, I was able to talk shop with the coaches. I learned a good bit as far as working with the represented population. After the workouts, we kicked up to the offices. It was awesome to see how well the coaches worked together in sharing information and feedback. The ATC’s PTs, as well as the performance coaches. Later, I participated in an in-service day. It was awesome. Of course, I was “volunteered” for the demonstrations. From kettlebell movements to utilization and implementation of RPR from the prospective of each the PT, ATC and Performance coach. Unfortunately, I had to turn down an invitation to a silver star ceremony and kick back home. Fortunately,  the individual that was awarded came up to present the local stationed SOT team with a Bronze star. It was an awesome ceremony, I was also able to reconnect with some of the crew from the AFB. Overall, the relationships cultivated and knowledge gained was awesome. 


Carly Crawford