Q & A How I Train My Athletes Differently...

How do you come up with exercises for training sessions?

For my non-competitive athletes, I have general templates created based around the number of sessions per week they are coming in. This ranges from a 2-day split to a 7-day split. Based off of the committed time frame and end goal, we get into movement specificity/exercise prescription basses off of current ability/restriction and short/long term goal.

For competitive athletes, I use a similar process. However, with competition athletes, the window for training opportunity is relatively small in their pre/post/off-season blocks. Most competition athletes in state come in once/twice per week in season to help "keep the body right" or tune up if needed. Again, here based off of goals set by the athlete previously and where they currently are in their competition/training progression, and their movement specificity comes into play.

Do you work out each client differently?

Yes I do. Even within the group training dynamic you have to have the ability to work per athlete. The summer pro/collegiate group, for instance, I train collegiate swimmer, collegiate track and field, collegiate baseball (outfield and pitcher), collegiate football (line and skill) and professional football (line and skill). You have to have a really solid knowledge base and plan like hell to make this flow smoothly and successfully. It's a lot of fun!!! Also, I take into account that plans change and athletes will be athletes so having a few contingencies built into your overarching plan is a must.

Do you have a specific type of athlete you prefer to train?

All of the athletes I work with personally are driven. I do not accept anything less than max effort each day and will cut a session if that is not the case. Running a half ass session from either end, athlete or coach, is detrimental to all parties involved. Believe it or not on "competition" conditioning days, I have shut athletes down because they were not 100% bought in to improving their conditioning. You can quote me here and feel free to make it work better but this is one of my favorite me sayings… "Any jackass can yell and blow a whistle; great coaches know when to shut up and listen to their athletes"

Carly Crawford