CBD Questions Answered: Part 2!

This is Part 2 of a blog series about the benefits of CBD oil. If you haven’t read it yet, check out the first blog post and come back. For a refresher, CBD is a molecule found in cannabis, and derived from the hemp plant. It is different than marijuana in that it is non-intoxicating, so you can reap the many benefits of it without getting high. I heard that CBD oil can help with physical and mental recovery, especially in high performing individuals, so I connected with Relyf right here in Birmingham to ask some questions and try it out. There are many questions and misconceptions around CBD oil. Let’s clear some of that up, this time focused on recommended dosages and usages, and more of the benefits. 


What are recommended doses?
This depends. As of right now, there is no recommended, standardized dose. As CBD oil is studied, recommendations might be released. Relyf recommends starting with the minimal dose of 3-5 drops of oil sublingually. You can take CBD many different ways, but putting it under your tongue makes it more available to body sooner. Check out Relyf’s chart and guide if you try it. Always check with your doctor first to ensure it doesn’t interact with medications you are taking. As a note, the World Health Organization conducted a study and found no public health issues (like driving under the influence, for example) have been reported as a result of CBD.

What about topical dosage?
CBD can help with tension in the body or sore muscles. When applied topically in lotion or cream, CBD does not enter the blood stream. Since high-quality CBD has a small amount of THC which may be detectable on a drug test, topical CBD can be a good alternative. Since CBD works through the endocannabinoid system, you can use it in conjunction with other topical muscle creams. 

What are recommended usages? 
People take CBD for many different things: pain relief, helping with sleep, anxiety and stress relief, a boost for the immune system, lowering inflammation, and for a feeling of calm. It can help you focus and see things clearly. The way it calms the body and helps you sleep better is great news for athletes. Sleep is when your body recovers from the tough workout you did during the day. The better you sleep, the more your body can recover and be ready for the next day.

What are the benefits of mixing CBD with your morning coffee or pre/post workout? 
There are many! When you take CBD in the morning, it can help you focus for the day. Taking it with your pre/post workout drink can help reduce inflammation. One of the best ways to understand the benefits is to try it for yourself and see what works for you. 

What are the benefits of taking CBD before bed? 
CBD interacts with the anxiety receptors in the brain, and can promote restful sleep. You can take CBD before bed to help your body drift off to sleep and stay asleep. It can especially be helpful in individuals who suffer from insomnia. As I mentioned above, sleep is the time for your muscles and body to recover. Sleep is vital for a healthy lifestyle. 

CBD can interact with other medications so it is important to talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits before taking it. If you have more questions about CBD that aren’t answered here, check out the education page at Relyf’s website. They have posts that go into even more detail about questions just like these.

What other questions do you have about CBD? Have you tried it? What has worked for you? 

*The health and fitness information on this page has been prepared by Coach DJ Taylor and is for educational AND informational purposes only.

Sarah Orner