A Weekend with Sorinex: SummerStrong 12

SummerStrong, Sorinex’s summer strength event held at their headquarters in Lexington, SC, is a weekend of learning, coaching, and sharing. People from all different fitness disciples, and all levels of expertise, come to compete, be inspired, and learn from each other. 

The Sorinex weekend is like no other event I have attended. One, they are a company like no other. They understand from the top down how to seek and cultivate relationships that align with your core objectives. In my personal experience they have gone above and beyond to help as they can.

I attended last year and came out not only feeling inspired, but feeling like I had to do more to contribute to the community. Last year I was challenged by Donna Santos to bring my wife, so we could be inspired together. She made sure that at every conference I saw her at through the year to “remind me” to bring my wife. Her and her husband Donavan Santos both train together in their home garage and work with high level sporting athletes. I took her challenge and asked my wife to come with me not only to the Sorinex conference but also to as many NSCA conferences as her schedule would allow.

Bringing my wife to Sorinex, my goal was for her to have the best experience possible. For me this meant stepping back, letting my plans and agendas fall to the wayside for another day. I asked her to go into the weekend with an open mind and to be ready for an intense experience physically and emotionally. 

I can attest that the weekend was a success. She loved every minute and we got to share the event with each other. I got to introduce her to a few of my peers and the Sorinex family. She came out ready to move mountains and with an open perspective of the challenges we face daily in the athletic performance realm. She was inspired by Brett Bartholomew, Cal Dietz, Eric Serrano, Bo Sandoval, and Vernon Griffith to rethink how she implements certain movements and approaches sport performance. We were both left aw struck by Coach Kaz Kazadi, Megan Young, and Neil Kamimura. 

Even having both passenger tires flattened after running over a road hazard, we were so immersed in the great energy of the weekend that we saw it as an opportunity to spend additional time together and continue our adventure. We spent 3 hours on the side of the road waiting for a flatbed tow-truck and missed the first morning presenter on the last day, Coach Mike Srock. I will make a trip to spend time with him. We connected last year and I was really disappointed to miss the knowledge he shared.

We will for sure be back next year and hope to provide an opportunity to others to attend the weekend as well. 

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Sarah Orner