UAB - KIN -115 - Weight Training

Why do you enjoy doing this?

I enjoy each opportunity in which I am allowed to share my passion. This is an opportunity to broaden my impact as well as educate individuals not aware of the short and long-term benefits of resistance based programs. Each semester, the course population is comprised of individuals of varying academic experience (i.e. 1st semester freshman/last semester undergraduate) as well as academic specialization (i.e. Chemistry, nursing, education, Kinesiology).

For each student, I have a backlog of intake and exit data cataloging the variability in their initial thoughts and experiences with resistance based training as well as initial intake performance numbers compared to exit testing numbers. It is a relatively small sample size, but non-the less I am interested in the story the data may tell. Aside from the numbers, I run into former students each time I am on campus, many of which are still consistent with not only their resistance training habits, but also their nutrition and recovery. Many of these students aspire to become educators and healthcare providers. I do not think it is farfetched that as they become professionals there is hope they (at least one) will have great impact within our communities with regards to holistically improving quality of health and education. If I have the chance to impact just one of these students, there is no doubt that I want to continue this journey at UAB.

Short-term, I see many within the classes have attributed the program not only to knowledge of execution of lifts and programs but also stress reduction due to work load.

Does instructing in the academic environment help make you better as a coach?

Hell yes! I am able to work with more individuals, most with backgrounds outside of sports. Most of the students have a different set of goals that extend beyond sport performance or even body composition. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a breath of fresh air, but it does help keep me in-tune with real world function and application. Honestly, I have learned from my students over the years the importance of being more holistically rounded. I have also been able to forge great relationships throughout academia, which in itself would be another post for another time.


Carly Crawford